Super Smash Bros.?

I didn’t see a Super smash bros (melee/brawl) thread and I thought it deserved one
Besides, I need some friend codes so I can whoop some more people!!!
MODS: just delete this thread if you think I am wrong on either of these statements and don’t just reply a couple of times and lock it LOL


Good game but I duno nintendo is more family then violent

Ya, I agree, but I still like the fighting games without allt the gore and blood and I thought that using nintendo characters was genious!
I still can’t believe how good the graphics have gotten since N64 LOL

I don’t have a Wii, or a N64, but I do have a GC. GO MELEE!

I loved playing Brawl! So fun Too bad I lost it…

how on Earth (or whatever planet you come from) did you lose it?

Simple. There are three factors that contributed to that.

  1. Me
  2. It was in my mess of a room
  3. …Ok I lied, there’s only 2 lol

I created a stage with an over abundance of conveyor belts and horizontally-shifting platforms and one large cage, then played in it with a few friends with a 2.0 damage counter and Soccer Balls and Bumpers. It was the best gaming session ever.

Sounds like fun. I made a stage where there was a huge box surrounded by solid blocks, with one small hole on the top, for people to get in… but have a very difficult time getting out. Most of us got to 999% and still couldn’t get out, it was a blast! Quite literaly too

Wow! You can make your own stages in Brawl? Nice. I sure wish I had it.

Wether people know it or not, that is really quite a common idea!!
My friend and I made one where you could only get in through a small space in the bottom.
It’s also fun to find gitches on ssb!-- I always seem to come across them anyhow LOL!
They are worth looking up…

I love glitches (except for when they ruin my game)

well, ya, but that’s the only problem…
BUt it makes the game a whole lot more fun when you use them to your advantage when you are vs somebody who doesn’t know of them :mrgreen: !
One time I was board and I was playing on Brawl’s wifi; so I used the Giant Jigglypuff glitch on the people I was battling, whooped them, and then they all left the game…LOL

I love the “dealing excessive damage” glitch in which the character harmed is sent spiraling towards a wall and ends up floating mid-air.

Happened on Melee quite a few times, as a matter of fact. I remember one instance in which I was playing with my sister. Her character had an oddly high amount of damage for a normal round, so I smacked her with a smash attack and she ended up getting stuck on the ground. The moment she jumped, though, her character flew through the air, inevitably hitting the edge of the stage and losing a point.

I still think that the “Black Hole Glitch” on melee was the best LOL
(IF you don’t know what it is, look it up on YouTube)

I’ve seen it. Tried it a few times too. Never got it to work, though. >:

I know… It is really hard to get to work LOL
I got it to work the first time, but never got it to work again…

i like the sonic glitch where you spin dash and go off a certain surface you go straight across the screen.
_/---->_ lol i tried

yeah suuuuuure, like you whooped me huh?

well… I haven’t played in forever… but I DID win!!!

that one time i was being retarted and glitchy with yoshi? yes you did a few times but you got your assets handed to you by mario, i mean really, Mario!?