Sweet Home Alabama V3Std. 2024 Remastered WIP

I started working on Sweet Home Alabama some more after I finished and uploaded the remaster of What I’ve Done, and boy does it sound ten times better and is more close to the original.
I will edit the vocals and lyrics some more later, and add background vocals.
Still working on the guitars, not sounding quite perfect yet

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Intro riff should have hammer-ons in bar 8. Try to work in more accidentals, this song uses a lot of those. Keep working on that ear training, bud.

How do you make hammer ons and pull offs in Notessimo?

Just place the note at a softer volume, it’s easy.

Oh ok I can try. At the moment I’m trying to replicate the tone of the lead guitar in the original and it’s almost quite there. V3 Clean guitar behind the V2 Strats with another octave added