System of down

Do you guys like system of down (or serj tankian) i think system of down rock`s and serj tankian of course. Well what do you guys think about system of down and serj tankian of course

Omg i love em so much they pwn

soad is in my top 3 favorite bands

I’ve only listened to Toxicity.

Aside from the headache inducing tracks 2-5, it was pretty sweet.

They’re OK. The only songs i listened to are Toxicity and Chop Suey!
They were fine. Just not my favorite band.

I dislike them (hlisten)

Me too! Random screaming ftl

Plz Don’t kick me off for this, but It’s an awesome song…

Violent Pornography! Great Song Lmao

Wow, fail lol


Fail. ಠ_ಠ

IMO, SOAD is the best band EVER. And, I mean EVER.

Rock on

They’re good, not perfect, but still in my top 50 bands.

System of a down is a really good band. They went on hiatus back in 2006 and they are getting back together this year. I’m looking forward to new songs from them, because I’ve heard most of the songs that they have made.

EDIT: Serj Tankian isn’t the only System of a down member who made music after their hiatus. Daron Malakian and John Dolmayan formed a rock band called Scars on Broadway.