Tamos' Suggestion Box

Hey guys! Tamos here.
You can actually ask me for any Music genre (1 or more), an any music title, cover, or remix!
I made my new suggestion box. :slight_smile:

You can’t post an request on here :(.

My Rules:

  1. Don't insult other members who give me suggestions.
  2. Don't post any inappropriate comments unless its criticism or critique.
  3. Don't spam your suggestions or else you will be blocked.
  4. Don't troll.
  5. Don't post if you don't have an suggestion.
  6. Do not delay posting an suggestion immediately.
  7. If you break of these rules, I would permanently close my Suggestion Box.
Be careful! Otherwise you will be blocked out of my thread. Have fun ;-)

Metal Gear Solid Main Theme: Reggae Remix



you seem to be new here

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a classical version of Hotline bling

meatball parade death metal remix

A rock arrangement of Darude - Sandstorm.

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Also, I will make songs and upload them to my Youtube Channel (WobbuffetTheMusician, The second channel I created to post songs from notessimo and openMPT). If you have an OpenMPT Suggestion, Leave a comment!


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