Team Fortress 2

Hey, anyone here play Team Fortress 2? If so, add me:) My Steam ID is: kdiudlea

EDIT: Whoops. Just realized that I put this in the General thread instead of the Video Game one. lol

i have it but for Xbox360

I want it

I’m sappin ur sentry. :V

I don’t have this game but I always hear a lot about it. Especially BONK remixes.

“Say goodbye to ya kneecaps, chuckle-head!”

I have it, it’s AWESOME!

Ahem Gentlemen!

i had it for PC but lost it when my HDD fried. oh well! it was a fun game.

I lol’d

These guys brothers by any chance?

Found an awesome achievement generator site thingy… and here’s one that I made

PS: Am I gonna be the only one posting in here!?

Got it for 360, 2nd worst mistake of my life.

Hah! The PC version is MUCH better

Yes, very much agreed!

We need to have a TF2 party on one of the new maps

they are nice

I’ve played one round on one of the new KotH maps… that was interesting. But yes, we should.

So its better for pc? I have the orange box on 360… TF2 and 360 do not mix well.


anyway who’s been playing the war event?

I haven’t played this game in so long, Modern Warfare 2 and Rock Band 2 are taking over. Maybe I’ll play a bit tomorrow, but what’s this war deal about?

they’re having a competition between soldiers and demoman if the soldier kills more demoman, he gets a bonus weapon and vice versa. from what i’ve heard, though, the demoman would benefit from it radically more than the soldier would. unfortunately, he’s currently behind by 300,000 points.

Well then, let’s get the Demoman ahead!! It’s only 300,000 how hard can that be? lol