Ten G Weights by Unknown

I think had a good turn out. I hope you guys like it. Enjoy :).

transitions; 3into4 lots of instruments in sheet 3 then all the way down to one instrument in sheet 4 doesn’t flow all that well, and you did it in 3 places, 7into8,and 11into12; 11into12 sounded the worst because you have lots of high notes and then BOOM next sheet you have all low notes coming from the bass

I see this happen in lots and lots of your songs, like on betrayal I told you the transition to the rhodes sounded bad, and then you made decrescendoing (is that a word? xP) fenders to make it flow better. dont be so drastic, make it flow…

3/5… oh yea, im workin on our collab, its gana be an orchestration song.

Sheet 3 eminded me of almost every pink floyd song in existance