Test With SFX by TV / carrot / Nuselline

Sheet 0 is not an SFX, but a Marching Tuba Bassline
Sheet 1 is a Telephone tune
Sheet 2 is a Shotgun
Sheets 3 & 4 are not an SFX, but a F# turnaround
Sheet 5 is a Battleship Cannon
Sheet 6 is a Toilet Flush
Sheet 7 is not an SFX, but a test on my Vibraphone
Sheet 8 is a sheep
Sheet 9 is an 8-bit SFX (idea from Icebolt)
Sheet 10 is Carrot’s Heartbeat effect (everyone uses it)
Sheet 11 is a Cell Phone sound
Sheet 12 is not an SFX, but THEFinalBoss’ favorite key: B major
Sheet 13 is not an SFX either, but a test inspired on Nuselline’s Utopia
Sheet 14 is even not an SFX, but a test with Synth #2
Sheet 15 is either not an SFX, but a Low A string test on Electric Guitar
Sheet 16 is a Blowing Spaceship
Sheet 17 is not an SFX, but a Test with low Piano #1 chords
Sheet 18 is not an SFX either, but a Techno inspired Mute guitar
Sheet 19 is even not an SFX, but an End test

Credit to Alienz & Kabob340 for the SFX ideas too

Most of these aren’t even sound effects. And what do carrot. and Nuse have to do with this?

My name does not end with a Z. (That doesn’t really bother me, but just for those peoples who want to spell my username)


Sheet 0… Not really a marching beat, just… C, G , D and A… 1.5/5
Sheet 1… meh…
Sheet 2… Dear god… HAVE YOU EVEN HEARD A SHOTGUN’S GUNFIRE BEFORE? Seriously, If I heard a shotgun make that sound, I would’ve soiled my “pants”…
Sheet 3 and 4… just… Horrible, Chord progression sucks, and the string effect just makes it that much worse…
Sheet 5 and 6… Earape, nothing different
Sheet 7… m(_ _)m
Sheet 8… Robo-sheep? I really don’t F-ckin’ know…
Sheet 9… Probably the best so far… It accually has SOME decency in it…
Sheet 10… Can’t complain since it’s carr… Oh wait… 300% volume.
Sheet 11… Never heard a phone make THAT sound…
Sheet 13… Someone’s been stalking my discription…
1/5… nothing special…
Sheet 14… Test: Busted
Sheet 15… I thought this was just sound effects!
Sheet 16… Blowing Spaceship…; Dafuq, Earape…
Sheet 17, 18 and 19… More crappy tests…

holy crap… Not ONE test higher than 2!

Bad luck T… Maybe next time…

i can use TIPS, this junk is terrible, exapt for sheet 10!

Why did you quote pants? What else do you wear??

Oh, and Tim, don’t name it SFX Test if there are only 9 actual SFX’s and everything else is random junk…


1… I said I don’t wear clothes.
and 2… … … Nuff’ said

Aliens don’t wear clothes. (Including the female aliens)

Sheet 10 is on 300% volume, AND there’s a earape!

How could you say it’s even DECENT?