The Adventures of Techno Force Two! (Carrot/Tsu) by carrot | Tsu

Title says it all.


I am currently imagining a voiceover where those captions are.

I didn’t the random bass synth slide. It was very distracting. Sheet 9 sounded great. I wish you would have built a little more off of it.

^ Yea when sheet 9 came in I was like… :cool: here we go. Yea and I really REALLY didnt like the bass synth either…

agree with Kamar… period.

What bass synth? I thought everything was great!
And you spelled Kamarai`s name wrong again. =3
Its fun being a grammer Nazi. HAHAHAHAHA

Grammar Nazi*

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Wow ! Cool ! :)


what a great Collab

Sucks that its so short.