The Brothers by Van Liew Bros.

Well sheet 14 and 18 we are still working on… but we wanted to really see what you thought about the “solos” in those 2 sheets. (and sheet 19 the drum solo)

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Good Job !

thank you!

Low Rhodes is a bad instrument for that.
The solos contrast the original song which is lightweight. The solos make fast-paced heavy-sounding movements. The drum solo has too much emphasis on bass drum. As I said, too much contrast.
3.5/5 for solos

Ok TFB, I see what your saying. but I was writing them for a contrast to the song to really change it up… you think its to much contrast? So you would like slower “lightweight” solos? Alright ill try it.

what do you think about the solos if it was just the solo by itself?