The Challenge Challenge

I have a great idea on how to go through the requests list (doesnt have to be from it though ). We can call out others to challenge them to a song. In turn, the one who is called out makes a challenge to that person.

Once somebody has challenged someone, though, you cannot challenge that person!

Also, no crazy requests such as TTFAF, please. Hopefully this will develop and become succesful!

Rock On!!!

Great idea man but where do we start?

If you challenge someone, are they supposed to challenge you back?

yes, and you start with a challenge of your choice

Hm, this sounds fun. Once I come up with a tricky, but not impossible song, I’ll challenge someone… but… who? shifty eyes

i challenge EVERYONE to make the song… Hallowed Be Thy Name by Iron Maiden

Alright, I think I’ll take on that challenge
Then I challenge you to make Battery by Metallica.

I challenge the ENTIRE SITE to make the solo to raining blood. If you do I will give you $20,000 no joke.

I meant for this to be a a on b. not a whoever wants to do it.

Wow, I didn’t realize how long Hallowed Be Thy Name is… over 7 minutes . But that doesn’t mean I won’t give up! I like having a challenge, besides… it’s a pretty good song.

lol Have fun with that one!

I challenge someone to make Sreamline by Newton (the song in the Pepsi commercial)

lol i challenge kdiuldlea to make the campfire song song

I don’t know what that is!! lmao

really??? look it up XP

KdIuLdLeA, have you watched spongebob before?

I have watched the odd episode when I was younger, but I never did really like it. I looked up what the song was though… but I don’t think I’ll take that challenge, I’m already making an Iron Maiden song.

i challenge fishrocker to do skull man from megaman 4

what did i do to you man? im not sucking anything! rudeness

i’ll try…