The Converter

Can somebody put the converter on Savefile or another file sharing website and paste the link here so we won’t have to ask people to email it to them? I PMd Kd to email it to me but he never did. Yes, I included my email address. I think it would be a lot easier to put it on Savefile or if somebody (like Starburst) would post the link to it somewhere on the forum. I’m sorry if I was a bother, but I, along with many others, would like the converter soon.

MP3 would be nice

That’s why I use Audacity. I’m just asking for the converter, not features to add to it.

Oh damn, Fishrocker, I forgot about that, sorry (rock)
I’m uploading it to Savefile as I’m writing this, so I will edit this with the link when it’s finished

Ta da! (rock)

Thank you Kd.

Can you please put the converter on a different website, savefile isn’t working.

Ah, it isn’t (rock)
Alright, could you name a few? (rock)

rapid share(search)?
Apparently it can only be downloaded 10 times

That’s kinda strange, don’tcha think?

Or, you could download it from the Notessimo Google Group. I’ve uploaded the .jar file and I’m working on uploading an exe version, too.

EDIT: The .exe won’t upload.

That’d work.
I’m not able to upload the .exe either… in an e-mail it said something about security or something like that (rock)

Thanks, KILLER dude.

i cant find the jar. file?
just a load of class. files after i extract it through winrar

“The file could not be found. Please check the download link.”

et oh spagetti o’s

I have a converter file.
I posted it a while ago.

Edit: Oh no! That doesn’t work and my bigger brother deleted the file from the computer!!!

The converter won’t load.

I can’t convert this.


Starwars song is now listed under your name. tats not good

Don’t worry, I took care of that.

I shared it.