The Depths ♪~WIP~♪ by Clearwater/QVX

It loooooooops.
Yes, so QVX and I talked about it maybe looping, and I did that, and I think I I did it well. Did i do it well?

~Added sheets 50-55.
~Edited a part, can’t remember where, maybe in the 30’s… Took a violin out because it was too abrupt.
~This song is long.

So this needs to be polished and spiffed now.


This is a very beautiful creepy song…


Sheets 51 and 52 are absolutely beautiful.
Improvements you can make (you said you want to make it spiffier, anyway):

  1. The glockenspiel has a commanding presence at the beginning of the song, but it looks like it was meant to become a rhythm beat after you added more instruments. However, my attention was still on the glockenspiel and I noticed that it doesn’t change much in the early sheets, namely 8-11. It felt like it could use a little boost ;).

  2. Somewhere in the accordions… that’s weird, ‘accordian’ isn’t accurate, just checked it on Google… anyway, somewhere in the accordions starting from page 19 it just seems like they are off-kilter. I think it would be a good idea to add more accordion or adjust their rhythm to better match the whole rhythm.

Oh and of course nothing I said was necessary - they’re all just trivial revisions anyway. Nor am I particularly sure that what I said is the same as how others perceive it (and I’m pretty sure it isn’t)… well, other than that it’s basically a masterpiece. Well done!


When the accordion is used down low (along with many other instruments) there’s a slight delay and that’s not exactly avoidable without taking the instrument out. We’ll see if we can revise the glockenspiel.
Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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It sounds strange, yet beautiful.


I wish I had time for longer comments ;_; Loving this so far.
Snare in sheet 23 is a little abrupt (that whole section is a little more mellow and sitting in the lower frequencies so I’d say don’t even use a snare or crash cymbal personally, it takes away from the mood). Man that part is brilliant though. Oh sheet 30 proves my point perfectly.
Freaking dang it QVX. You and your drums <3
Wow this song is long, though it’s not repetitive somehow, it just lacks the common structure. Nothing wrong with that though. (I really want to write a full review for this song but I don’t have the time sorry).
:o this ending…so bootiful
Alright y u no use triplets?


I agree with StarWars’ criticism, sorry :frowning:

But 5/5 & Nice song, hope it will be featured when ready!

I hope to see this fully polished and featured soon.

Hope you guys understand this song is worthy of one of my reviews but I just don’t have time for it. Maybe I’ll spend some time if I have it.

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Glad you enjoyed it :smiley:
The snares around sheet 23 were to change it up a bit; make it tense and suspenseful for a little. This would then result in the build up to the finale i hope to add, which is currently missing xD
As for the drums, i can’t take all the credit, in fact Clearwater has done quite a lot of it, i’ve just been fixing up small bits here and there when adding my parts. I almost didn’t add drums into this song, but i’m glad i went with them :stuck_out_tongue: (oh, and <3 back)
I wanted something very unique, hence the genre and style of the song. Along with this i also wanted a long song since they’re so rare here hint hint. We then developed it into a moving piece that is barely repetitive, but long at the same time…and now it loops!
Thanks again for the review Star, maybe you can do a full one when we finish it :3

P.S. Sorry guys for the massive delay (about a month now), i was swarmed with homework…twice :|. But it’s the holidays now so hopefully (since i have time now) it’ll be done in the next couple of days :D!