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If any other mods think this needs to go, w/e

?id=27726 - Torley Wong’s 1918 A.D. <—NEW!!!(incomplete)

listen.php?id=633 – Lost woods
listen.php?id=983 – midna’s lament
listen.php?id=637 – Terran theme? (don’t remember this one)
listen.php?id=1947 – Kid Icarus – overworld
listen.php?id=1950 – Kid Icarus – Skyworld
listen.php?id=1952 – Kid Icarus – Castle
?id=17419 – Bramble blast
?id=3664 – KH: CoM (tempo incorrect?)
?id=5020 – TGWP part 2
listen.php?id=6398 – TGWP part 1
?id=573 – Dire, Dire Docks ( non piano and “drums”)
listen.php?id=379 – Dire, Dire Docks (piano)
?id=7064 – “Me” “song”

Given Up:
?id=19666 - “racing kirby” started to remake from atmeis tracker

wow…You made alot of good songs

Thank you

I only listened to the first few. I like Midna’s Lament the best.

XD had to improvise

Hey, I just had to say this. This thread is the 69th thread in the Songs section. lol

Oh. Another odd thing I found about you. This is your info. (click on your name)

no it isn’t, there has been plenty more

Not anymore

lol Now it’s 6.69%.
Just in case anyone doesn’t believe it’s you, here is a link to a larger image:

[ ... posts2.jpg](

Wow Jan, you sure are good at pointing out odd occurrences or numbers lol

Yeah, lol.

I just listened to the Kid Icarus songs. My favorite of those is the overworld.

TY​:relaxed::slight_smile::relaxed::slight_smile: random Pokèmon SHAYMIN!

Found it! thanks DJ

I know it’s a triple post but working on a new song!

I will make sure you don’t make a qudruple post

Thanks and did you listen?

yeps! itwascool

its not done yet though

I know, I can tell it is going to be good though (as if any of all y’alls’ songs ain’t)

I dont usually know the songs that they are based off of though…

lol, there is bound to be people that don’t

LOL that is like me with movies too;
people act all surprised when I either
a.) never watched it, or even worse,
b.) have never even heard of
the movie they r talking about…