The Funniest Videos: New Videos Added Onto Post

As usual, brief description.
This thread is about the funniest videos on YouTube.
Simply post them. Duh! There’s a freedom of speech here so say anything like…

Here’s a bunch of samples.

Coach’s Hines: Ice Cream Shop From MAD TV!
YouTuber: Onision The world’s most creative and unique YouTuber!
Youtuber (Games): 4 PlayerPodcast A group of 4 get together to play games and record their own tragic mischiefs.
Travis Makes Me So Happy Warning! GAYNESS IN EFFECT!
Travis Wants to Be The Juggernaut A comedic gene of the game disguises himself as a game-devoted nerd.
Super Smash Bros. Brawl 8 The mockery of accents. You may piss your pants.
Brad VS Nobunaga A man makes a statement. Another tries to screw him up.




IF you turn on captions, it says “the delay is I have aids” XD

This is one of my favorite Youtube videos.

Awesome! FAILBLOG!

T.D.W.T. Musicial Child’s play! Yes.
POV of Vensito - Travi’s POV Two POVs of a man who can still live…when 15 people are chasing him.
Most Epic WTF I’m pretty sure this is how we would all react if we saw this…oh wait! You will.
4PP Scary Moment Montage Okay, so I’m not going to post every video from them, but this should make it up.
Holy Crap thats a Bear!(Condemned 2) About 7 minutes of the one scene where you’ve got to escape a bear…
Don’t Scare Travis Ever wonder how a guy would play a game if he had tourettes?

I almost pee’d myself when I saw the EPIC one, haha.

More 4PP.

Bond…Travis Bond Duhna!! Naaaahhh!
Papapapapapa… Umm…how should I put this gently…
Mans Quest: The Women’s Bathroom It IS a noble quest…but it’s probably dangerous too.

Another batch. Hope your watching them.

MadTV: Montel Chilliams Warning: Hilarious drug abuse. One of my favourite sketches.
4PP: Brad goes to the bathroom Brad’s taking a shit in Left 4 Dead.
Eileen’s Dramatic Death Brad flips out a bit.
I’m learning! Brad got stuck on one part, so instead he goofed off.
Brad gets mad then does math Apparently, Silent Hill’s bosses are too hard and also a math problem.

Haha. (nsfw)

Yeah that wasn’t posted before …


Holy fudgesicle. THAT WAS TOO AWESOME! I leave…boot to the head.

4PP: Nick and His Driving In reality, this is how Nick drives.
4PP: IS THERE A GOD ANYMORE! Spider-Man is a spaz.
Onision: Coward Fighter I’m a bit speechless.
Onision: Sucidial Failure A bit of hype and retard.
4PP: Typing of the Dead Absurdity begins at 0:48
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Jump On It Best moment of any TV series.

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just gonna throw this out there

I can’t view funny videos but i love that Mario and TLOZ remix videos who are a little bit funny. :twisted:

I don’t know if this is funny to you guys, but I thought it was funny and also the greatest idea for marching band ever made. Srsly whoever came up with this was effin insane (oh wow that should totally be a cliche):

Ha that’s clever.