The Music Is Automatically Stopped When I Close The Laptop

Hello everyone, I am new on this forum and this is my first topic here. I could not find any suitable place to create a thread, so I am posting the thread here. Recently I am having a weird issue when I close the Laptop, the music is automatically stopped. I do not understand what could be the issue? Can anyone suggest?

There should be a setting that changes what happens when you close the lid. By default, this is set to put the laptop to sleep.

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When you close the laptop, it gets put into sleep mode. I don’t think there’s much Notessimo could do to keep playing in this state.

If you are trying to save power while playing music, you can turn “display notes” off in preferences, and turn your screen brightness down. You may even be able to turn the screen off in your settings.

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Also this article suggested the same. My laptop was set in sleep mode, so it was happening. Anyway I changed it and select Do Nothing option. Now when I close the lid, the music still continues. I am not able to attach the Screenshot here.

There are more 2 settings in the control panel
When I press the power button
When I press the sleep button

These are also in sleep mode. I dont know whether there will be change in Do Nothing. If anyone tell me.

Sounds like you got it working!

You can set other two options to your preference. Setting one option won’t change the others.

Just keep an eye on the laptop temperature since the ventilation can get restricted on some laptops with the lid closed. It shouldn’t be an issue with only music playing though.

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