The "My pineapple!" game

This is a game where you take the pineapple from someone, any way you can.

Person 1: Trips Person 1 and takes the pineapple
Person 2: Launches a nuclear rocket at Person 2, and saves the pineapple just in time
Person 3: Lures Person 3 away with pie, then takes the pineapple

I’ll start. I have the pineapple!

I sneak up from behind, hit you unconscious and then steal it

I send a swarm of gnats towards you and snatch the pineapple while you’re under attack.

After being swarmed, I chase after you and pepper spray you. I then steal the pineapple.

But you accidentally pepper spray yourself, I take the pinapple and sit on it…

I slide very quickly on the ground knocking the pineapple from under you, then slide into a dark cave where no one has gone before…

I throw a huge rock at you, knocking you unconsious(again) and fly away in a jet.

I was hiding in that jet, jump out with a parachute and land in France…

Forgot to add, but I also stole the pineapple

I am le french spy.
I turn invisible and I steal le pineapple.
Le sneaky getaway.


Pineapple, MY PRECIOUS! (I steal it)

I pay Sonfax to steal the pineapple.

sonfax is ambushed by me. i swing down on a rope, then kick the pineapple out of his hands. when i land, i catch the pineapple and run.

Carrot trips and I pick up the pineapple.

Me and you sit down to a nice dinner and eat the pineapple, after dinner we shake hands and walk away.

You pooped it out and forgot to flush (you did wash your hands though) Now it’s my pineapple!

I punch you and get the pineapple.

I catch you by the legs with a lasso, causing you to trip and fall over. I grab the pineapple as you fall and ride off on my horse into the horizon.

your horse mysteriously gets shot in the leg, then the pineapple rolls into my hands. lol

Your laughing out loud distracts yourself and I take the pineapple sneakily.

I get you to stare at something beautiful, and I switch the real pineapple with a fake one. I have it now!

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