The new YouTube/Google+ layout

I was tempted to make this topic…

The new comment system is nice because I can talk to a lot of people in one reply thread. The old reply method was suited only for a two-way conversation. With more three or more people, you couldn’t keep up with who was talking to who.

But the new comment system is also pretty buggy (for now) and vulnerable to spambots in the “Top comments” view. And on a different complaint, it would have been nice if YouTube had asked for opinions from its community before making changes.

I really don’t like the Google+ integration, for example. I thought that having a YouTube account was enough for me to comment on YouTube videos. How naïve of me. Now I also need to log into my Google+ account, which I was pestered into making by the way. I wish YouTube would stop hassling us this way and keep YouTube a purely YouTube thing.

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Yeah! I absolutely HATE YouTube bringing in Google+.


I laughed so hard at 1:59.

So you like gigantic penises?

Sorry apoco. That was rude of me.


I was trying to make a joke.
Guess that failed.

I favourited that when it had less than 3000 views.

Not hipster at all.

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Like the new Google+ shit.

Sorry. I’m having a bad day.

Did anyone notice that the app has this shit too?

the new layout can suck my embryo


It won’t even let me sign in to G+ to use the comments. When I try to comment, it loads a new window for a second for me to sign into G+ even though I already should be, but nothing happens after that. I’m stuck in a loop. I have no idea what to do.

Some things google should at least try to fix for us to not hate it as much:

  1. Limit the character amount
    –No more penises, doges, movie scripts, and other types of spam.
  2. Google needs to verify real names
    –People will not be able to have names like Adolf Hitler and Barack Obama unless proven they truly are : P
  3. Disable the linking fucking function
    –No more pr0nz, screamers, viruses, or Pronz screamers and viruses
    I would say to bring back the old top comment and recent comment thing, but that would basically turn it back to the original commenting system (which they still should do).