The Notessimo Game

The Game is simple. Each Saturday I will post a beginning of a song, and you see what you can do with it. You can’t change the part I provide, only add on to it to create a song. Post them in this thread. Each Sunday I will decide who “wins” the week’s challenge. There is no prize, other than knowing that you got to practice your orchestrating skills in a creative and unique way. That alone should be enough.

The first Noteissimo Game Challenge will be uploaded March 2. Tell your friends. Good luck.

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Sounds fun!

Wish I could join… -_-

So, can we add our own sheets, or do we just add on to the sheets you provide?

Sounds like a great idea, i’ll try that too. (even when the sampler will be ready 1 day)

Sounds awesome! I might do this. :3

I can try this… Maybe…

Sorry I’ve been gone so long. I’ve decided to post it Saturday March 9, because I want to see if I can gather more players, 10 if I can. If you guys really can’t wait, tell me and I’ll upload it.

@ Death Card I will post the beginning of the song on this page. Then its up to the gameplayers to make the rest of the song, and you post it here.

I would, if you are doing this.

Is this still on?

We can do something similar :smiley: