The Notessimo Song: START VOTING!

Remember that dedication song I never finished?
Well here’s an idea. Everybody has to pitch in. Throw in a signiture song that they’ve made and manage to put it to the song.
It’s like the “Pass it On” thread. Except it’s using your own songs, instead of improvising bits that would fit.
Everyone must pitch in. The only requirement is that they have made one decent song.
Anyone can start with an intro. The intro can be the only made up part.
I dibs coming in the very last bit.

Selected Songs:

Gateway to Paradise
So Blind
whatever roasts awsome acoustic guitar song is
Enigma Of Tranquility

The Plague
The Ocean

final call
the thing that never was
on the moon
To Eloquently Splatter Upon the Face of Modulation

have I made a decent song?

Good idea! There should be a way to copy and paste to and from different songs, it would be a pain copying out all the notes.

Good Idea.

Something like this requires delicate thought and careful planning, we need to collect a bunch of songs with similar chords and scales and strategically place them in the song instead of just plastering it altogether like in the Pass it On thread. Maybe we can get several groups of notessimoers with similar styles (good groups would be unknowned+roast+whitefang or darkdan+hypo+anthony or DC+KD+fishrocker or SP+DD12+anthony. Bad groups would be roast + KD + SP ect.) and then maybe, MAYBE we will be able to get something from there. Remember!.. all it takes is one nutjob that thinks his quarter note clusterfuck is the best song ever to screw up our masterpeice.

This is a sweet idea! Good thinking unknowned!!!

I’ve been thinking about this as well. I think it would be great to include everyone (Except that quarter-note clusterfucker) in this, and the group idea is also good. I think that once we all have a basic outline of what songs to use, we could probably get started.

As for groups, well, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Anyone want to make song suggestions?

This is a pretty good idea (how many times has that been said now?), but I have a question. What Genre should we use? That might help in the planning stages of the song…I’ve put in a poll so we can vote for it.


People might want to all start there own songs with the same scale and chord structure especially for this. Other wise this may fail. But the cool thing is we would have 4 or 5 new songs!

Well. (Yes, guitar, you have made some pretty decent songs. It would be nice if cirrus (Auroracirrus) pitched in. He’s kick-ass at techno.
I thought my idea would be rejected. Fuck, this is awesome.

It’s clear now that we want a mix of genres, I say we get started!

First, we’ll lay out a song plan (What songs to use and in what order)
Then, the song will be given to an individual person to work on his/her segment, then to the next, until the song is finished.
Finally, the song will be reviewed and improved, if nessecary.

What do you guys think?

It think izz a good idea! I vote for your Suffering!

Well I thought the intro could be entirely made-up. We’ll take turns so it builds up for the intenseness that is of us.

Unk, you should go first.

Well Unknowned is going to do the ending, I therefore think that DD12 or Roast should start this.

Also I hope this doesn’t degenerate into a war over what songs we use and who does what.

Another point to bring up while this is in planning, I believe that if we are going to use a lot of original content from multiple songs, we should have one element that binds them together. I suggest that element to be drums, as that makes the most sense.

Jeez there are so many things to consider. Tempo, mood, key (I think that most songs can be moved up and down to fit into any key, but rather than saying A or F#, the bigger question is Major or Minor?), just to name a few.

Unless we were in C or F major (i believe thats what Ace of Hearts is in) I would have to make a new song…BUT I wouldn’t mind :roll:

Well let’s find most of our signature songs and see what key they are in. It also doesn’t matter since you can simply shift keys. No one said moving keys were impossible.
Da ending is going to be mine because I have a new genre name in mind.

The opening should be something smooth and awesome, having as much song-to-song compatibility as possible, regardless of the upcoming songs that may enter sooner or later. Does such a song exist?


Didn’t the song have 4/4.
Cause’ it goes to 14 measures. 4/4 goes from 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64…?

This seems interesting.

But here’s the catch.
The cow said moo.
But not the moo said the cow.
Moo denys and said cow.
But did the cow not moo the cow moo?
This is a question that makes no sense.
Enjoy the rest of your day.