The Search for the Lost Striped Shirts by fishrocker

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WOW !!!
Good name and Good end


have you find the striped shirt yet?

nice piece . the whole thing was awsome

Nice! By the by, how do I hook together the parts (such as: 2, 11, 13, 1,1, 2) so quickly without having to stop? Everytime I try to hook my parts I have to leave space for a couple notes and then it goes to my next part. When making my songs, I have to leave spaces where there are no notes notes or else the yellow line that marks when the part ends will move to the right and I either have to make a note long so I can go into the next part without a small pause. When you make your songs, you can successfully hook your parts together without leaving spaces to connect the parts. How can I do that? Help!

this is like 2 or 3 different song in one! rock on!