The Simpsons by Fran5

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just a whole bunch of different versions of the simpons song, thats what i heard

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Well if you listen to the real theme song you’ll know what’s happening. They use different instruments at every scene.

Not too bad 3.5/5 I have to agree with Epicness though… : 3

I agree with roman, they use different instruments in every scene, which makes it sound a bit off at times, but that’s not exactly fixable 4/5.

1 Star For The Solo

and 2 Stars For a desperate attempt…

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I heard this at the arcade…

Dear Le Fran,
Make every single sheet’s tempo 200! It make’s it sound a lot better because the theme song is not that slow.
If you don’t want to change it, just do like I did to were you change it but you can’t save it.