The Songmaker Doesn't Load

For me, when I hit compose and than play, nothing happens. I wait a few minutes, still nothing. I try about 10 more times and guess what? Nothing. (rock) I try open in new window and the window opens. I’m happy, but… (rock) Than… It says installating. Or however you spell it. (rock) Than it pulls up a gray screen with nothing on it but gray. (rock) Help?

:lol: :P (rock) :D (rock) :D

The play button doesn’t work at the moment.

Make sure you have an up to date version of adobe flash player.

Also use this link.

The play button doesn’t work?! WHAT?!
When did this happen?!
I can’t listen to the music anymore… :D

TPBM Doesn’t realize that I realize he is talking about the one on the compose page.

I think he’s talking about the play button in the compose page.

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