The Tube

To expedite exposure of Notessimo 2 to the general public of the internets, I’ve made a Youtube channel. Currently, I’ll only be uploading my own creations. I encourage you to do the same with good submissions i.e. not this.
So why don’t y’all mosey on over and listen/comment/listen/tell your friends!

what is the best program to make a video for youtube, or help me with my other problem…

i have Windows Movie Maker but youtube doesnt except the .MSWMM format and then tells me to export my project in .WMV, which idk how to do that. so…help?

To save as a .WMV, look under the “Finish Movie” tab, click “Save to my computer”, and then follow the instructions.


Why does everyone have to use Youtube I’m not allwed to use Youtube.

We use it probably because it is a popular website to spread around Notessimo’s existence.
It sucks that you can’t use it, but if you have a myspace or facebook. Search for Notessimastros for groups and join them.

Or better yet, I’ll give you the links to them instead.

Cant use them either. And its not bcause of my computer, its because of my parents.

Ah, wow…that really sucks. What do they let you do?
And…how old are you anyways?

  1. The reason Is because they believe (im guessing this is the reason.) That there is porn on youtube. And if there is (I dont think there is) then me, myself, doesnt want to go there either. This is because we live in a christian family Yay for us!

Ah ok. Well, yes, I believe that stuff is lurking around…but, if you use your age, along with your parents permission, Youtube won’t allow you to watch any ‘porn’ videos. Trust me, I’ve tried haha
Oh well, once you’re older you should be ok

Dude, I’ve only once found porn on Youtube. It was actually Hentai. It was on a video with 21 views and was uploaded about 30 minuits ago. I believe Youtube should not have porn on it, so I flagged it. I think porn should stay on Porn Sites. That’s what they’re for.

Also, your parents let you on Newgrounds right? That’s even worse then Youtube! The userbase is crude and perverted, the flashes contain loads of jokes that involve gentiles and there’s a “Mature” section to the site where you get to watch badly drawn Hentai.

Yes, but I dont even touch the mature stuff unless its for Voilence only. And I dont go to the forums much. I dont even read reviws unless its a really good game. And NG needs to get a report system (or a better one). Those people cuss so much. Anyways, Thats a game site. I MUST GO TO GAME SITE. And It has Music.

i dont see the finishmovie thing, how do i get to that?

It should be on the left in the task pane. If you can’t see that, click on “view”, and then click on “task pane” to bring it up.

Sme here. The porn, the parents, the Christianity, the yays, the 13 yrs old, etc. My parents said they’ve seen “awful” things on Youtube, so they don’t let me on. I wonder what it was…

quick question, how did we go from a Youtube channel to porn?

The same way most other threads go off topic…me!

I think I also caused the ‘little siblings’ thread to go off topic too, it went to drivers licences for a bit. lmao

wow… this is the only forum i have seen where the mod causes threads to go off-topic.

Haha, just cause I’m a mod doesn’t mean I have to be a hard-ass cough Hypo cough. I like to have fun, and that usually… always causes things to go off topic.

No, that one was me. Well, I said something then you asked a question.