The Worst Dream/Nightmare You've Ever Had

What’s the worst nightmare you’ve ever had and why? If you want, you can post multiple nightmares.

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  1. This is just a summary of what happened (since I don’t remember 100% of it because it was 2 years ago).
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Me and the rest of 5th grade had to fight Flandre and Remilia Scarlet (from Touhou 6). We all died excruciating deaths except for 2 people. Me and some other person. Yes, it took 50 kids and 2 teachers to kill 2 Touhou characters.

  1. This is my absolute worst nightmare. This included binural sounds so I had no control over my feelings. This is a copy of the entries I wrote to my teacher.
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Dear Mrs. Lopez,

The worst nightmare I ever had was on Feb. 13-Feb 14 night. It was too horrible to put in words. It used binaural sounds to scare me.

Dear Mrs. Lopez,

Binural sounds are two sounds playing back and forth really fast and can actually program your brain to think or feel something. My dream started with me sitting on the corner of my brother’s bed while my brother was sitting in a chair next to me.
…Layout of…|…|…[]…|…|
…My…|… \ / o …|
…Dream…|.…O…<—My brother.|
…|.|…|…|…O <—My Dad
…|.|..|…My mom…/ /|
…|.|.||.|/ /.|

Sincerely, Michael

Dear Mrs. Lopez,

My dream started when my brother, Pat (Patrick), pressed play on a song called, “Lavender Town,” a song with binaural sounds (in my dream it had binural sounds). The dream was viewed from the 3rd person. I could see that I was explaining to my mom about binural sounds and how the song used it to cause fear. Then about 30 seconds into the song, things got really bad. All at once, there was a loud crunching noise, everyones spines were showing (kidneys too), there was a high-pitched screaming noise, and that super high-pitched sound you hear when your eardrums pop.

I woke up, having a terrible seizure*. After a few seconds, I stopped. I broke out in tears, still shaking slightly. After a few minutes, I got up, turned on the lights, and checked the time (it was around 1 o’ clock)…

*either that or I was just shaking really badly.


Dreamt there was a tsunami that wiped out our city.

I had a dream (recently) that I didn’t have any pants on! and I was running through the school… (Everyone saw it… Luckily it wasn’t the worst I’ve every had…)

(shut up Tsukasa, I can see your laughing)

I can dream about me killing poeple, falling off of buildings, anything violent related, but my worst dreams are being late for school. xd

Teacher’s pet, Your doing it wrong.

Hey, I think it would be cool if one of us had a dream were I missed the bus and end up seeing your naked ass running around in the streets. XP

What do you think I’d look like?

OH… GOD. A skinny little dude?

I think you’d just see my fat-ass get run oer by a porshe… What a great way to start a dream!

…More creepy.

Look at my signature, It is staring into your soul. resserects and is on the bus with you

Doesn`t scare me.

It would be either being attacked by a raccoon in my school at night, watching the KKK kidnap someone, or taking a 150 question exam.

It must be your fault… Raccoons are awesome.

Someone double posted on a dead topic… shudder

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One dream of mine: I was playing with LEGOS in my bedroom with a teacher. my best friend was also there. he asked “are these all the LEGO’s you have?”.
pretty soon, My dad came in a d told me that I had to get ready for church… which was in my room.

ggfchl lives in a mansion with a church

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Has anyone ever had that dream that you fall from the stairs?

Once… I fell like a ragdoll shootin’ though outer-space at 88 miles per-hour on a garry’s mod server.

sometimes i have this dream that i’m in the backseat of my mom’s old car wearing polka dot underwear and nobody’s in the car but me and it’s driving itself.

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