They Don't Care by Adiamorph

Work in progress


I love you.

EDIT: 64 views? No comments, no ratings, one like. (Other than mine that is) Dafuq…

This is a cross between Catrox, Hellstick, Yellowtail, You and a TINY ITTY-BITTY part of me.

That’s a lot of people, I thought it was just a cross between me and me

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Shameless self promotion

That sounded great though, can’t wait to hear more :D

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Work in progress? But i don’t wanna wait! It’s too good!
here’s an idea: travel in to the future (with a flash drive), get the finished song off your hard drive, upload it to notessimo, and then finish the song on your own. It’s the perfect plan!
If you need a TARDIS, ask The Doctor.

That could possibly create a time paradox and the Doctor is not okay with that