This is NOT The's song thread

What!? Why are YOU here? Can’t you read? If you are looking for my songs, they aren’t here. Now shoo.

. . .

Ok, you got me, this is my song thread, and it is approved, and, well, I don’t really have a funny story or a long preface for this, so I’m going to put my songs in it, because thats what it’s for, I guess.
Of course, this isn’t my song thread anyway. I don’t know why you are still here.


Stratoblaster (3:00)
Mist (3:23)
Thrown Away (3:04)
Lost Galaxy (4:11)
Secret Sky (4:56)
Looking at the Sun (2:32)
Darkness Dreams (0:56 loop)
Silver Lining (5:21)
Anywhere but Here (4:28)


Nyan Cat
Super Mario World-Overworld (1:11 loop)
Super Mario Land-Ruins (0:23 loop)
Mario Kart Double Dash-Mushroom City (1:10 loop)
Csikos Post (2:11)
Kirby’s Dreamland (1:03 loop)
Zelda OoT-Castle Courtyard (0:23 loop)
Flight of the Bumblebee (1:16) Past Featured
Mortal Kombat Remix (0:46)
Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow Trainer Battle (2:28 loop)
Astral Observatory (1:37)
Pirates’ Fortress (2:15)
Hide and Seek (4:21)
Lakeside Laboratory
I Want to Hold Your Hand
Calling the Four Giants
Shop Theme (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

By the way, feel free to give your opinions and you can remix/cover my songs whenever you want.

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Points for the unique title. XD

…of course, reading it again I realize it doesn’t say “This is not a song thread” like I first thought. Oh well, still clever in a way.

Clever. Also I didn’t know you made that Flight of the Bumblebee.

I’m so glad that you DIDN’T make a song thread

Anyway, great songs and good luck in future composing

Well… I guess I can’t look here since this is some random thread and not the song thread of The

I just looked for when I posted it, and found it in the classical music thread, which is on page three or four in songs. The date I first posted it was February 25th of last year.

Ya, The, can you make an original song that isn’t metal? I believe that would sound nice (since the metal guitar on notessimo can REALLY sound bad sometimes)
Also, a tip, don’t use super-low bass #4 (below bass clef). That sounds plain awful.

A lot of your covers are nice, but all of them have at least 3 wrong notes in them (which isn’t major, but a few are.)

Im working on this

That might be true, but it was the sound I was going for. As you can tell though, it has moved farther up in pitch mostly in Thrown Away.

I like it!

You have now officially had more bot posts in your thread than I have had in mine XD

(Coming soon to The’s Thread: Page 2 ) YAY

Im going to make a song about this. It will be called “When bots post in your song thread”

Nice inspiration, it could be a mechanic-like piece , or a whole song full of spam…your choice

Good ideas. I think I will blend them together into a mechanic like piece filled with spam.

You have an interesting avatar.

Its doodle jump! It’s a game. Also, I might not be making songs so quickly right now, because I’m dividing my time between notessimo and this.

Well, I’ve kind of died recently, so as well as putting my songs here (I’m making another one by the way) I’m going to do something called “Guess this bassline” In which I will cover the bass part from a certain song and you get to guess what it is. It’s still me making songs so I might as well put it here, and if you win, the prize is pretty much only the feeling that you just won something. Also, this first one will probably be the hardest. I’ll try to do this about every day if you like it and tell me if I should continue.

NOTE: If no one guesses it by the time I make another I will tell it then.

Don’t bust me for the triple post, because they are months apart, and I actually have a NEW SONG(cover) and the above post is garbage anyway, it’s not even accurate to the song it was supposed to be for so just ignore it. Anyways, let’s get down to business.

DISCLAIMER: The drum part I completely made up but I still think it sounds nice.

sad to say this just its already been done by 2 other people.

And your point being?

Just because someone else already did it doesnt mean I can’t. Also I haven’t been on the forums in a while sooooo yeah it’s not my problem.

my point being that were getting tired of nyan cat and probably won’t say anything critical about the song (except I can’t hear the bass) … ask the guys down at chatzy if they are tired of nyan cat…