Thought Provoking Topic #15 by Roastmasters

Let’s say you’re at a large televised public event in NYC, LA, Hollywood or something stupid like that.

It’s night.

Cameras everywhere.

All giving live feed.

Millions of people are tuned in right now. POINT IS- ITS A BIG EVENT.

A reporter goes up to you and asks you a question so the camera is fixed on you. Suddenly a gun fire is fired from behind and strikes you, fatally. As you fall, millions of people all over the world are watching you. Now ALL the cameras are fixed on you. You are seconds away from death: What are your final words? Keep in mind- no matter what you say at this moment it, it will be historical. Make it good.

I’d be like

“Lol I Got Shot”

I’d call out random letters and numbers and say something cryptic like “the fallen night is the key” so people will be trying to crack what I meant for hundreds of years afterwards.

“You all lost the game!!”

Only the mastermind troll of Notessimo would do that… It would be so awesome though!

Thank you, I am a masterminded master … mind.

Awww, you beat me to it :twisted:

I’d say something like “That guy’s power level must have been over 9000!” or “How did he shot gun?”


that is probably what sound we would all actually make.

inb4 new topic lock.

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I would say, “please, someone… Falcon pawnch him…dies

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I deleted them. It was pointless spam between the fake Muselline and Slipknot.

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Who is this ‘love’ and what rules are you referring to?

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