Through The Fire and Flames by DragonFarce (trans. by undertalelover47)

I started this project on 18.4.2017. It was finished on 18.4.2017 and then stayed in my files for 5 minutes.

About time eh?

This was my main project after listening to Velociraptori’s version. Turned out pretty much perfect I’d say.

Nevertheless, enjoy!

Edit 18.4.2017: Changed to a higher-quality MP3, because even with a higher bit-rate, the entire file size was 7.19 MBs in size.

Edit 18.4.2017, Make sure this version is the featured one with more than 11,000 views.


why can’t i like my own posts ;_;

I was expecting the vocals to be notated.

wow sound so real

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You do those vocals yourself as well?

inb4 DMCA

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4chan reference.