Through the Fire and Flames Remastered by Dragonforce

So, I’ve noticed that both of this song’s covers on Notessimo have not been quite as accurate to the actual song itself (except for a copy-pasta of the original audio that was published a little while after Velociraptori’s version). So I did some research. Apparently, most of the covers on YouTube that were not recorded in a sound stage were the same in one way or another to the ones here, even if they were 8-Bit, 16-Bit, or with a Super Mario 64 soundfont.

Fortunately, I was able to find one almost completely accurate iteration on Songsterr, so I have based my cover on that with some edits to make sure that this song is as faithful to the original as it ever was.

Here’s a list of things that I have done:

  • Included all of the correct guitars, drums, vocals, and bass
  • Replaced the Saw Wave on Cold Winter Morning and the Steel Guitar in Synth Death with the Square Wave
  • Added the Guitar Scream in Red Dawn
  • Shortened the length of You Rock! from 10 measures to 8, etc.

Well, I’ve got nothing more to say, so, I guess I’ll see you next time. Ciao!

NOTE: The Distortion Guitar #1 symbolizes Herman Li and the Overdrive Guitar symbolizes Sam Totman.

EDIT (9/6/2020): FINALLY, A DESCRIPTION! ahem Made everything much more quieter, edited the drums a tiny bit, and replaced the Distortion Guitar #2 with the Overdrive and Distortion #1. The rhythm now changes depending on who’s playing.


finally a cover that does the toms in the second verse justice

Okay, that’s weird. I submitted an edited version of this song but it’s just showing the old version…

Is this a problem with the new player?

Yeah, the new player isn’t detecting the updated version for some reason. Still waiting on a fix from Starburst.