Ties, Triplets, Tremolos, and Tone Slides

Add 'em :3

Ties: You guys know what they are
Triplets: ^
Tremolos: ^
Tone Slides: Some way for the pitch of the note to be raised up or down as one rather than having to do a chromatic scale, sort of like a trombone or slide whistle. It would last the length of the note and would have a way to set the end pitch.

Ties: just add the note lengths together.
Triplets: Depending on what kind of triplet it is, you can try multiplying the tempo by 1.5 or 3.
Tremolo: Can’t really do that in V2. If V3 is like MIDI, then it likely has tremolo or modulation control.
Pitch Bend: The only way to do that is a chromatic slide with the note durations slightly overlapping. Again, it might be possible in V3, but if not, use a program like Audacity to bend the pitch and import it as a sample (V3 Only).

Well, if there isn’t an infinite value for the length of a note, they might as well add ties; in v2 the maximum note length is 999, but there might be a case where it needs to be longer.

triplets are possible in v3 albeit a little glitchy

little glitchy? more like… glitchy.

How do i import it as a sample?

I PM’d you the instructions, I had to make a new one since you deleted yours.