Time Signature

Alright I’ve been looking around trying to find the answer to my question, but it’s not working so I’ll just make this thread, and don’t get mad if it’s already here somewhere.

Is there any option to change the time signature for Notessimo somewhere?

Nope,not yet. Sorry.

Oh, and it was posted before, but it wasn’t a actually topic, it was just in the middle of another thread.

lol ove the avatar and the sig for ovbious reasons. Also, if you want to do a song in any time signature other than 4/4, first find out what it’s counterpart is with a ?/4 type thing. (I.E. 6/8 = 3/4, 3/2 = 6/4). Then, instead of writing four measures, as you normally would for 4/4 time, simply write the number of measures that are equal to the top number (I.E. for 3/4 time I would write 3 measures). This is a roundabout way to do it, but it works.

But then you can’t copy and paste.

I don’t really follow what you mean here, I want this to be in 3/4 time, but what do you mean you write 3 measures instead of 4? A measure is the same thing as a bar, right?

Would you not agreee that this song is in 3/4 time? A measure is the same thing as a bar (the exact same thing with a different name).

So could you do an example for how it would work with a dotted half note per bar?

Assuming a dotted half note is one half plus one quarter (at least to my knowledge), that would equal my song above (since a dotted half-note is equal to 3 quater notes, it would take up one bar per measure in 3/4 time). here’s another:

Look at the title, then read this: What I just did there is this, I took the original tempo (120 bpm) the divided it by 4 (30 bpm) then multiplied it by 3 (90 bpm). Now, I doubled the speed afterwards, this was to make the note equal one measure, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to use this game’s copy feature, because then the note would be a half note, and this games copy feature only works on a per measure basis. I hope that makes sense.

simple solution: take the tempo for the 3/4 song your trying to make and x by 1.5. or leave as is and settle for one measure less.

You would also have to multiply the note length by 1.5 if you do the tempo solution

Ok, so if I understand this correctly, you just increase the tempo. Thanks for the help!

I think an easier way is too increase the tempo by x4 so now every measure = one beat. Don’t forget to multiply note values by x4.

And here is a sneak peek at a song I was working on in 3/4 time.


Was that original? Can’t wait for the finished product.

Nope not original, hence the Grant Kirkhope in the author. And right now the song is, ehh if I’m in the mood I’ll work on it pile. I’m sure if you want to hear it finished sooner Kd would love to take this song on.

ah well i still can’t wait for it.