Timing is off when layering tracks in V3.

So my latest song (Rapid Descent) was pretty much ruined because of the faulty layering system. I think the “Lock” option, when set in the song tab, should allow you to choose the BPM it should lock on to, and the depth of locking (1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/848395719706478104327001539560891591985490, etc.) instead of locking onto seconds. This is the song:

That would be a pretty nifty feature to have, wouldn’t it? Until then, you’ll just have to manually adjust and/or set the time for the sheets. It helps if you use this formula:

(Length of each beat in seconds) = 60 / (Tempo)

For example, if you wanted to place a sheet starting 2 measures after the beginning of the song at a tempo of 100 (assuming there is 4 beats in every measure):
60 / 100BPM = 0.6 seconds
4 beats per measure * 2 measures = 8 beats
0.6 seconds * 8 beats = 4.8 seconds for every 2 measures
Therefore, the sheet would be placed at 4.8 seconds.


Use filler sheets on separate layers, then delete the filler after you make the layers.

I think the more important thing here is that you used lyrics wrong.

Read the fucking comments. And it was my first V3 song.

Yeah good point, I don’t even know how to do lyrics like that either.