top 5 best solo's on notessimo

Based off ggfchl’s “best songs topic”


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Oh… m’kay…

In my defense. best ever.

What do you mean by solo?

Well… What, Qualify’s as a solo?

Yes that’s what I’m asking you. You made the topic.

Do you mean a solo composition, as in a song made by one guy, or just a solo riff found in a song?

A solo riff. Like the guitar solo in the song ‘In my Defense.’

^ that would be used as an example, because its one of the best solos on notessimo.

so maybe just like

  1. (In my Defense)

I still think that’s a bit vague. A riff is just a repeated melody. Solo could mean different things.

A drop in a dubstep song could be considered a solo. The DJ will sometimes even mix all his samples around in the drop (physicaly playing the dubstep drop).
Dont Listen to me. I dont know what im doing.

I can’t really put in words what a solo means to me

Locking thread. Please know what you’re talking about before posting. Unless it’s a help thread.

God, I was an idiot…