Anybody ever played this? if not, at least watch. awesomeness at 1:05
It’s free!


I’m testing it out out. It looking cool.

Wow… I made a topic I made about a game that I now can’t get to work.

It’s really good, but it’s laggy and buggy and needs work. I’m also no good at it.

3.88 does not work.

Try 3.8! direct link:

Make sure to NOT, And I mean DO NOT! install in Program files. it does not work.

Just like Minecrat!


Wow, me and muselline went and just fought some yellow belt who was in a begging class server, he had a 13 win streak. that wasn’t nice, beating up the beginners

Also, replace good with great.

last night was probably the most fun I have ever had on a multiplayer video game ever. Thank you, Toribash.

Errrrrrrrrrrrm…I´m bad SERIOUSLY bad at it

Practice and you’ll get there, eventually.