Touch tool doubling as a Draw tool

Not sure if this is an intended feature. Some cases I’ll try to change a note’s position and end up placing a new note on top of it unintentionally.

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This is by design, but it does need some tweaks.

Maybe “touch” was the wrong name for this tool (“magic” might be better?). Basically, the idea was that the “touch” tool would be the “one” and only tool needed, being able to do everything without having to switch tool.

So, to move a note in “touch” mode, you tap on an unselected note to select it and then you are able to grab it and move it. If there are no selected notes, you can place a note by tapping in an empty space.

Now, it can be difficult sometimes to select a note because if you are zoomed in past a certain threshold it becomes pixel perfect so clicking on transparent pixels can happens (which count as tapping in empty spaces) and I think this might be the bigger issue here.

The cursor would appear on top of the note and if they were the same instrument would stack on top of each other looking as one note.

It did happen quite a few times on my end too, I think this could be fixed by using a radius for the pixel collisions instead of being pixel perfect and also considering transparent pixels only for detection when notes are stacked (never as empty space).

I’ll try to get this done for the next update so you can give me feedback. Thanks for the report!

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New update (2022.7) has the changes mentioned above. Let me know if it fixes the issue.

It’s still possible to place notes over each other, but it’s less accidental now, so I think that counts as a fix.

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