Okay my notessipeople, take a look at the featured songs [but not the covers].

Notice that they are pretty similar? Notice the users, and now listen to the featured songs of their specific ones.
Very similar eh?

Well, why are users creating different sounding stuff and techniques?
That’s for you to figure out. Pick a user, any user. Now create something they would make, same style, same thing they would make.
Nothing exact like chords, notes, or riffs; just the sound of the song has to sound like something… they would make.

Off-topic to be on-topic: The other day I was at the movies, watching “The Notebook”. After finishing its greatness, I went to the bathroom, emptying my squirrel-like bladder. Then, at that moment, I met none other than Ruben Madara. AKA, Roastmasters. I stared at his gigantic cock and he told me there, with passion and intensity: “tits”

Amuzed, I continued my day, thinking about the worthwhile visit to the “hanging wall” toilets. It was immensely an incredible experience for the small glance at Roast’s five dollar foot long.
Anywho, from his penis, I decided to do a very small tribute to him:

did you actually see him? I am fairly sure he didn’t say tits, or maybe he did. so is it all true or made up?

I have been wondering why Muselline has been hating on you so much, and now I see why

I have a collaboration with him still.

So I got three more collabs.

I don’t have a collab with him either, just to say.

What is this I don’t even…

After filtering through the 90/100% of Bullcrap…i have come to the conclusion that this thread is for almost imitating another notessimo user’s style, example, if i made a piece to make it sound like Muselline made it…then publish it as a tribute to him…then post it here…btw…i’d be interested to see someone do that for me see what my songs would be like when they’re awesomized XD

I am untributable, I have no style.

Question is, is this a good thing or a bad thing?

My style is to do something different each time.

Agreed. What the hell is this?

It’s a thread.

Says who?

Many people say its a thread…
I recently got new inspiration…and its like a mix between ixsetf’s and mine XD (my music is now heavier…)