Triplet Threes?

Can someone show me how to correctly input 1 measure of 9 triplet threes.

The bpm is 144, and I just want to see how to raise that with the notes equating to the original tempo.

aka at 144x2 a quarter note becomes a half note. etc. Help please.

I multiply the tempo by 3. And double the trip notes (Ex. eighth trips are quarters, where as the rest are 3x)

But, what exactally do you mean by “1 measure of 9 triplet threes”?

Oops typo. I meant 1 measure of 3 triplet threes (aka eight triplets)

edit: can you show me game-wise how it’s done correctly?

Sheet 0 is eight eighth notes. Sheet 1 is one measure of triplets.

is it at all possible to fit regular quarter notes and regular eight notes etc. in sheet 1?

Like, could you make the tempo x3 again to make it fit or something?

or x it by 1.5
quarter is to 16 as quarterx1.5 is to 24

On the x3 sheets, just multiply the length of the note by 3 to make it sound normal.
Quarter note = 16 x 3 = 48

But then you can’t make sixteenth notes.

well obviously if you need 16th notes double that

I prefer to multiply by 3 because I can use everything but 32nd or 64th notes. Not like I’d want to use those anyway, but it is a lot easier to triple the BPM and note value IMO. Plus, it sounds smoother for some reason. Try it.

EDIT: Here is a few measures of 16th note triplets at 150 BPM.