True Friend by QVX 797

When i made this song i had 3 people in mind, but one in particular who helped the most.
I guess this is my way of saying thanks.

(Today is also the 5 year mark for me on this site)

Made in V2

You helped me through my darkest times;
Helped me to the light
You guided me, through the cold and misery.
I just want to say:

You’re a true friend to me
I am in debt to you
You’re a true friend indeed
I’d not have lived it’s true

You were there to help, to believe,
To show me the way
You helped me see it all;
for what it is, for what i can, for what it all means to me.
I thank you

You’re a true friend to me
I am in debt to you
You’re a true friend indeed
I’d not have lived it’s true

In the depths of my mind
I couldn’t see clearly
But you were there
To help me through

I wouldn’t be alive
if you didn’t come help me
I know, and i thank you.
For everything you have done for me;
I survived.

In the depths of my mind
I couldn’t see clearly
But you were there
To help me through

And after all of this.
I can’t thank you enough

You’re a true friend to me
I am in debt to you
You’re a true friend indeed
I’d not have lived it’s true

You’re a true friend to me
I am in debt to you
Through this storm i will push on
I will survive it’s true.

Thank-you Chloé


there is no true friend chooooooooo000

Sheet 17 <3

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I thought this was going to be a lot happier based on the title. Still love it!

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As much as i wanted to use it, i couldn’t find a place for it sadly…

It is a tad misleading, but it ended up exactly how i wanted it to be, glad you liked it :slight_smile:


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True Friend - Star
Rating: 3.9/4.5 or 4.3/5 or 8.6/10

Overview (tl;dr edition):
Wow the rating is the same as Tarrasque Rises too, wtf me. Anyway I found this song to be a more atmospheric one with a catchy chorus-line so that it doesn’t come off totally ambient. Good overall, if a little less memorable. It has a charming simplicity to it that also is it’s downfall at times, but it remains effective at delivering it’s tone to the listener.
Thoughts on First Listen:
Well, this review has been a long time coming. Will try and resist talking about drums too much. Right of the bat, I should mention I think the flow of this song is a little strange to me, will probably go more in depth in the full review. The choruses very much stand apart from the rest of the song, seeing as most of the rest of it is slow and melacholic in nature (which I also find somewhat strange, given the title. True Friend sounds like it’d be more upbeat, this song has a sadder tone to it). I will say, coming fresh off the Tarrasque Rises review, it’s a very welcome sight how much easier it will be to follow everything in this song vs that one. After my first listen I think I have a song I like but because of how it’s written, I have hard times remembering parts of it besides the main chorus, by far the catchiest part of the song as a whole.
Intro - Sheets 13-21 (Rating: 3.5/5):
So, to be honest, I feel like this intro could have used something more. The first sheet is a pretty simplistic 4-chord run, nothing to catch a listener or build tension. The chords themselves have obviously been picked for a more plodding, sad feel, to which slowness can be a boon. However, here I would suggest some more background elements to give a bigger sense of space, as without this it sounds incomplete and uncreative. Sheets 20 does a better job (though I do say the song could have simply started in sheet 20 and accomplished better the goal of the intro). I do like the build into the chorus though, the fill is nice and transitions well, despite the sudden rush of energy.
Chorus 1 - Sheets 0-1 (Rating: 4.5/5):
I do very much enjoy the choruses in this song, as they combine the catchy, swift riff of the guitar with the mellow, sad feel of the atmosphere well, without a large clash of interests. This is also where the vox really stands out a lot more in terms of great composition. Only real problems I have are the simplicity of the drum beat, the repetition of the drum fill and chord progression, and the overly simplistic nature of the chorus, all of which I consider fairly minor flaws at this point in the song.
Verse 1 - Sheets 2-5 (Rating: 4/5):
A nice break from the chorus, if somewhat meandering in nature. Again I feel a sense of lacking in these first two sheets (2 and 3) that could’ve been avoided. Maybe some slowed drumming, before the buildup? I actually really liked it when sheet 4 kicks in, the drums and instrumentation really synergize well to building tension for the next chorus.
Chorus 2 - Sheets 6-9 (Rating: 3.5/5):
Alright I tried switching between the two and the only difference I could find between sheet 6 and 0 was the missing male vox on the first beat, since it wasn’t necessary here. If that is it (and not really a discernible change), I’m rather disappointed by the repeat of this chorus. Maybe it’s just me coming from The Tarrasque Rises (sorry for mentioning that so much here), but a blatant copy-pasting of the chorus is something I feel we’ve moved past at this point in time (maybe in an older Notessimo it would have been okay). Tempted not to leave a rating here, but I will so it’s clear that it has an impact on my opinion on the overall song. I know it sounds somewhat hypocritical of me to demand change in a song I’ve criticized for being too meandering at times, but repetition needs to be mitigated in some way or another.
Verse 2 - Sheets 7-8 (Rating: 4/5):
Here’s where I think the drumming is great, alongside the wandering melodies it provides a sense of direction and footing for the listener while not distracting or overpowering anything. The simplistic nature is appreciated here (where I think you could get away with more complexity in the choruses), further cementing the song as it tries to roam free. Here also, I think the lone strings are better suited as a total removal of energy for unfettered expression, even if the transition is a bit sudden to me.
Break 1 - Sheets 11-12: Rating: 4.5/5):
Never was a personal fan of the heartbeat drums during a slow section, but here at least it’s not crazy obvious or present of anything like that. Since the string’s composition is more complex here, I find it works better than the intro, along with having the drums there to help out. I really did like the male vox panned over to the left when it came in as well, even if it was a familiar melody from previous sections of the song. I also liked the gradual movement upwards of the strings, building tension for the final chorus. That transition (even if you use the same fill for the fourth time >_>) is very well done from such a low energy state to a high one. High marks here.
Chorus 3 - Sheets 22-10 (Rating: 4/5):
I have to say that the choice in sheet 10 to add more guitar to it was a welcome one, maybe not the best composition (or instrument choice, for that matter) but the change of itself is good. And since it’s highlighted by 22 being the same as before, I have to award good points for this. As this is the final chorus, it should be the best one, or at least try to be, since it’s the listener’s last real recollection of the song, and while I feel it’s a little half-hearted, it still accomplishes this goal to some degree. I also liked the stereotypical 16th note kicks added in :stuck_out_tongue:
Outro - Sheets 16-18 (Rating: 3.5/5):
Eh, a repeat of the chorus without the vox is a safe choice, innit? (<-that’s a word according to chrome, imma leave it in #reft). Been done by everyone and their mother by this point, so a sin there (maybe a cool solo would have added something here, or anything new for that matter). Also, I feel like sheet 18 drags on too long. The choice to have it sound like the intro isn’t bad, it stands as a good reminder and has better instrumentation, but it repeats 1 or 2 times too many, maybe more variation if you have to have it last that long. The transition into sheet 18 is also a little sudden too, though I think that’s a more minor point here.

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This is so sweet <3

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good. now someone must make a FL remastering. i’ll do MPC.

Before i start, once again; thanks for the review, the criticism obviously does it’s intended job and has done so since…way back when i was a babby composer (The Shadows i believe was the first). Following is more of a discussion/reply/reflection and notes on that criticism as well as an explanation for why i did things that way, as it’s often not obvious. Providing this explanation shows a contrast between having context and not having context which i find somewhat interesting and try to improve on from a ‘design’ standpoint.

I’ma be this colour :3

Ultimately i went for a melancholic but empty feeling to the song, and although this doesn’t make sense as a composition decision, i felt as though it solidified the solemnity i’d intended for the song. That being said, more background and ambiance would definitely be a good addition, but i feel it’s a waste of time in V2, or i’m just a tad lazy.

I actually did this section last, and had the most trouble with it inspiration-wise, i see it’s pretty transparent haha. The main challenge was building the song around the lyrics (i should probably mention that was how it was made) which i struggled with a little.

(On a side note, the song pretty much works like a wave between great and bad from here haha)

I did get a little lazy with the drums, but i also didn’t want to shift the attention towards the percussion/overdo it. Additionally i also aimed for a rather simple but catchy chorus, which i’m glad i achieved, but obviously the repetition of the chorus without any real additions sorta killed that.

Again with the relation to the lyrics and reinforcing the solemnity (focusing on the lyrics i felt needed to be front-most), choosing that as opposed to composition value, that being said i’ll definitely look out for adding background things in the future as it does sound too empty, i guess i overdid the effect i wanted.

Yep, lazy repeat from a composition standpoint, couldn’t find much to add to it really…

This was honestly my favourite section of the song, that being said it wasn’t really intended to be a verse, but a bridge.
As for the transition, i wanted the lyric there to make a large impact moving on to the break, of course it’s pretty hard to link the lyrics to the music being a v2 song, which is where i felt it went wrong.

Heartbeat drums: only took me 4.5 years to perfect it haha. (No-one should search for those terrible songs)
I’m honestly glad to see a purely melodic part being a high-point of my song, i probably just need to start focusing on percussion again.

Yay for cheap drumming tricks!
Still the same chorus as before, and the metal guitars were added to symbolise the “storm” (see lyrics), hence why i extended it without the lyrics; for metaphorical purpose as opposed to composition (again).

On a side note, i’ve noticed the metaphorical/conceptual approach to songs seems to be the most criticised part every time (without fail), although it’s what i prefer to add most in my songs…it looks as though i might have to stop that.

I’ve already touched on the first half of this in the note above.
As for the second part, the repetition is as you said too much in hindsight, the intention was to leave it sort of…ringing as if it keeps going. Again though, some variation should’ve been used.

As for the title and general feel of the song…i figured the lyrics sorta explained the tone despite what was suggested by the title. And although the general message across the song seemed positive, the message hasn’t actually gotten to my friend…i composed and released the song after that realisation;
It sorta acts as a promise to said friend.