True or False?

Say a statement, then TPBH has to say whether or not that statement is true, then says a different statement.

Person 1: Ducks can fly.
Person 2: True. I have a pet cat.
Person 3: False. [insertwittyopinionaboutsonfaxhere]
Sonfax: True.

Alright, let’s do this for real. First statement:

World War II started in 1941.

False. I like Twilight.

True. The Beatles are my favorite band.


I love jalapeno peppers


My mother is a musician.


i live in the northern hemisphere.

i do actually sorta like jalapenos.


I really need to pee


I have a Mountainbike.


true. i saw a picture of you with one.

i have never eaten bacon.

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I actually used a bow and arrow once.


I am 10 years old

I think False!

I not longer make earrapes.


Hatsune miku has green hair


Everyone (even me) used carrot’s Heartbeat Effect.

nope. i havent used it.

i have never seen twilight.


I didn’t make random stuff.

False False False and again I say FALSE

[details=Click to expand]World English Dictionary: random (ˈrændəm) — adj 1. lacking any definite plan or prearranged order; haphazard: a random selection 2. statistics a.having a value which cannot be determined but only described probabilistically: a random variable b.chosen without regard to any characteristics of the individual members of the population so that each has an equal chance of being selected: random sampling 3. informal (of a person) unknown: some random guy waiting for a bus n 4. at random in a purposeless fashion; not following any prearranged order [C14: from Old French randon , from randir to gallop, of Germanic origin; compare Old High German rinnan to run] 'randomly adv 'randomness n

I paint with the mediums watercolor and oil.

I think True, because you are a profesional painter.

I made a random song called: Metal Sea.

Uhh… I guess that’s false? Not gonna bother looking through your junk for it.

A chicken can fly for at least 10 seconds before touching back down on the ground.

Some can. The longest recorded flight was 13 or so seconds long.
So, true.

I own the new Tomb Raider for PS3.