two things...

first thumbnail( the smaller one). In game, when you hover your mouse over it, it says "Click Here to edit the comments of your song’. has anybody tried using that? maybe before this was updated?. it doesn’t work. IT IS USELESS!!! does it mean that you could have details under your song before this site was updated?
For the other thumbnail(the bigger one) people have been suggesting a crescendo and decrescendo. this is what i thought it would look like (if it were to be ever put in)

  1. I don’t completely know what you’re talking about. Plus the image is broken.
  2. Aren’t crescendo and decrescendo the things that change volume (I hardly know any musical vocabulary)? If so, you can just change the volume manually.

1.There is a button in the top right part of the compose. hover your mouse over it (it’s blue)
2. crescendos are used for things to gradually get louder. example: a cymbal roll from piano to fortissimo.

If you haven’t noticed, many things don’t work on this site. More and more things are beginning to not work.

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The program’s outdated, what did you expect? It’s only a matter of time before we finally get an upgrade.

Pigs will fly, Freddie Mercury will be revived, Roger Waters will stop having sex with his wife, and I will stop playing guitar before we get an upgrade to this site.


still confused Ummm…? stares at compose tab trying to find a button Ummm…
lightbulb comes on
Ok I get it! I never payed much attention to that button. It’s useless now. Would’ve helped if you said this:

Nobody likes grammar nazis. -100 rep points.

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