Typical Timothy Verbist Song by xXLink41Xx

Tell me in the comments how accurate I am.


LOL :o


OMG Thats funny!

That’s so hilarious, even Verbist thinks it’s hilarious, now do a typical carrot. song. I wanna see what stereotype you give me!


I hate being a cruel person but that was as funny as hell.

I thought it was gonna be a dubstep of the flight of teh bumblebee, but this is even better!

are you sure you aren’t tim in disguise? XD

Better than what Verbist can do.

eh guys dont be mean lol!! XD we all have inner music abilities lol!!! :D we are al special musically in our own ways :D

… verbist can atleast make the notes fit. He just does four things.
1.he adds a part that just doesn’t make sense
2.he has bad percussion
3.he changes the song immediately without a transition to another part.
4.and sometimes the rythm for instruments gets nonsensical and unorganized.

this on the other hand was pretty organized and the parts mostly fit together and are either 16th notes, quarter notes, or half notes played in an ostinato format. Verbist wouldn’t do that.

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You should do another Typical Timothy Verbist song with the next features: 300% volume,more randomness & crazy chords please.

P.S. this is funny (like Dynamite said) :lol:

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