Undertale - Bergentrückung & Asgore by Toby Fox (arr. Blarg)

i thought i should put some witty determination joke, but i refused.

Original (start 42 seconds):

EDIT: Moved into the correct category and numerous changes
EDIT2: Fixed a few more things (hopefully this is the last edit)
EDIT3: Fixed bass


Bassline is different at m22-23.

Idk, sounds pretty accurate to me. Even after doing an mp3 to midi conversion and playing my bassline at the same time as the song, it still seems pretty accurate.

[details=Click to expand]
the high glockenspiel did not work, and makes that part very shallow compared to the original [fixed]
As well, the percussion is very…weird…doesn’t seem right. [fixed]
m31+ needs articulation and has none (m39+ doesnt have it either). thats what made that part so cool was the staccato and legato together [fixed]
m39+ vibraphone is too quiet and probably an octave too high [fixed]
m42 you can really see where it needed some staccato, this part just sounds wrong. [fixed]
m59 sounds fine but im guessing the articulation for the response melody is still wrong [fixed]
m70 legato needed, notes should be connected (except for that one which you articulated, good) [fixed]
also at m70 there should only be one octave [fixed]
needed orchestra hits at m85 [fixed] [/details]

Looks like most of it was fixed except for a few things:
Around m42 and such there is a countemelody that isn’t shown
m55 the melody is too connected, notes too long, echo is incorrect, etc.

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Too long for an Undertale song

Umm… I’m not sure I understand this critique…
I mean, what did you expect? Half of Asgore’s theme?

holy shit

Only Undertale song that is allowed to drag on is Your Best Nightmare

…ok? That’s just how long Asgore’s theme is…

this is amazing. okay, enough undertale now.

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I’m extremely conflicted right now.
I want to feature this. (because awesome)
I don’t want to feature this. (because people don’t like undertale songs)


As said in the words of Krawkyz:
“but seriously getting mad at undertale songs because it oversaturates notessimo is not a valid reason. Especially considering most of the covers have been fairly quality.”

EDIT: featured yEEE

i still agree with antonim… the bassline is different m22-23

should be an A chord in m22 and a G#m7 at m23