Unfinished by THEFinalBoss


I made this in a short amount of time.
Oddly the beginning sounds like some theme from a movie, but then it goes away from it. It wasn’t meant to sound like that, but it ended up that way.
Give me your thoughts and if I should continue it.

Guitar and bass drum to soft and I can`t here it.
Transitions between sheet 5 and 6 are horrible.
Problem? =3

Didnt like the beggining

3/5. Random.

Don’t be complete jerks to him you guys, if he made reviews that you don’t agree with, then just ignore him and move on. The best kind of revenge is success, so just keep trying and improve; you’ll get better as time goes.

Anyway, a pretty big flaw with the song is the transition between sheet 5 to 6. Another thing I don’t really like is how different the beginning is from sheets 6, 7, and 9. The rest is going pretty good, so good luck if you plan on continuing it.

I was planning to knock off the intro anyway. It didn’t fit.

sheet 7 and 9… make a song outa them, forget everything else. Sheet 7 and 9… thoughs are good sheets.

better than that jester boss crap. 3/5

You dont have to do anything to the song. I was just fooling with you, Its your song.

Octo calls bs on you!
And the intro does suck. (Which reflects my songs >.>)

What? =/

Yes… Random, but i like the drum !


I didn’t like anything before sheet 6 very much at all.