Does this annoy anyone else? Posting little song demos every 12 hours. I have been guilty of this when I was making Bohemian Rhapsody, but they were very small sections, not the entire work-in-progress. Posting each stage of your song’s development ages it very quickly. By the time it’s (finished) the theme has already been run into the ground.
Surprise us, or at least only post one brief demo so the song doesn’t go stale before it’s even (finished).

That does annoy me. I have listened to demos so much that I don’t really feel like listening to the full version…which sounds kinda odd, but true. I’ve posted 2 demos of TTFAF already, but I stopped until I finish it…if I end up finishing it.

And another thing, why, WRYYYYYYYY, must people post the same song in a clump? If you want it seen so badly you post it here; that’s what this forum is for.

And what’s the deal with these? It burns us.

i 've also done this 8-) but only once or twice for my songs


mashing instruments is so pointless. i dont see why they name that kind of music “GREATEST SONG EVER” if it sucks. maybe thats why none of the mashers are ever featured :D

Wow that song was…lets see how to put this nicely…horrible!
It was probably some little kid not knowing what he/she is doing…but still, any kind of those ‘mashing’ songs are just awful.

Ho ho! Little bit cocky aren’t we Tyberious? Don’t let a few features go to your head! But yeah, unless 'burst is looking for a Poisson D’avril joke, these things will be flushed in a day’s time.

Speaking of featured songs, I wonder if there will be any new ones before the new format arrives. If nothing changes (and soon!), looks like Air Man Theme and Outrunning Death will be the first songs with 1000 listens. It’s a shame, Air Man was pretty mediocre while Palkki’s excellent FF songs are exiled to the third page.

So, who’s opening google right now to look up Poisson D’avril?

I’m not looking it up! it’s basically april fools but it literally means april fish. it’s what they do instead!
(i learned it in french class!)

Ok, i have just entered this forum and Bron Skien is talking about fish.

We’re meant to be moaning about stupid songs.
Fish dont fit the catagory.

Iz just learnt that! roflmaooas!

Yeah. I’m very very guilty of this. I haven’t been doing it as much as I used to latley, though. I guess I’m kind of anal about making sure I provide some sort of progress report. I really should shave off what I’ve already done on update versions though.


I’ve done this plenty of times with Canon Rock…

I used to do that a lot… now all I ever post is the finished version.

I’m guilty of this, mostly due to working on songs at school and doing frequent browser history wipes.

I’m hoping the update will make it so you can save the songs a better way so we won’t have this issue…not sure if there is a better way though.