Unnamed Techno Song by VDragon54

I made this in like a half hour and really liked it, so I thought it deserved to be posted. Yes, I know it’s really repetitive, I might choose to make it better, I think it has a lot of potential.

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Excellent job!

Thanks :)

That was pretty good. Definitely repetitive, but it was good nevertheless.

Yup, I was honestly pretty careless making it, and I’m definitely gonna fix it now.

That wasn`t repetative.

reminded me of basshunter :P

Reminded me of daddy dj:P

pretty nishe

I heard that tune before, I just can’t remember what it was called. Btw, don’t be so modest, your good as everyone can see. Remember that. :)

it sounds like Only my Railgun (TV Size)

It probably reminds people of all these things because it has the most uncreative chord progression ever that a ton of songs have. Thus, they all sound similar

And thus I found a song that sounds just like this maybe this is what you’re thinking of? Pretty Rave Girl

Speed this up to about 160-180 and listen to it next to The link i posted

The first 2 bars of the 4 bar loop is the same as all i ever wanted by bass hunter

Really good, I’m sure its a coincidence as your backing track is better than his!

I SWEAR TO GOD EVERY TIME I MAKE AN ORIGINAL SONG I FIND OUT IT SOUNDS EXACTLY LIKE ANOTHER ONE!!! Like I’m not even just saying, that it’s happened like 6 times in a row -_-

Dude that’s awesome. I could probably never do that. :D

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like 10 comments in 2 minutes, you know its good now

sounds very great