UNTAMED! by Song guy

EPIC Speedy Rock Tell me wut u think


This is different 4.8/5

That’s wut i was going 4. the melody popped into my head this afternoon…

That was CRAZY, OVER-THE-TOP, EPICNESS. Sheet 4 was amazing, I love the randomness but don’t really like the flow of the song. This has promise. Either way, the most creative thing I’ve ever heard on here. Now, back to listen to it again.

I did not like Sheets, 3, 6, or 8
The Outro was not strong.
The intro was not strong.
Sheet 4 was really the only good thing in this song, in my opinion.
(And I love Sheet 4’s first measure)

I’ve now fixed the intro and made the outro slightly better, and I’ve made it flow a little bit better. Still working on it!

It’s a bit repetitive, but it was so EPIC, I could listen to sheet 4 all day :D Congratulations!