uploading to YT

Help, either tell me what im doing wrong or make a correct file(upon telling) for me and pming it to me.

So im using movie maker and putting the vid and music file on to it, but when i upload it, the file’s to small, help plz.(i know this should be in help bu i felt lke putting it here.)

The file’s too small? That’s weird… whenever I try, the movie is in the wrong format or something like that.

Swf. Files dont work for some reason… (hlisten).

I believe this question of mine has been answered before (either in a PM or in the forum, I forgot) but I forgotten the answer, so I’ll ask again.
Anyways… when making a video with Windows Movie Maker… how do you save as another file other than the Movie Maker format? That’s the only trouble I have with uploading videos.

yeah thatrs it, as lex luthor would say, i was WRONG!

I might be able to help. These were written for MPC’ers, but the same principles should work for youse guys. lrn2record
Additionally, if you have sound problems with the above method, you may check this out.
If the Notessimo 2 applet doesn’t want to play nice with WME, I’m afraid I’m out of suggestions for now.

I was actually going to try something like this.

But it looks too complicated.

If I do try it and it works, I’ll tell you what I did.

Also, you could give it to Hypo or me and we will upload it to YouTube on our accounts (Notessimaestro (Hypo) or JMan9312 (me). (We will even do all the recording stuff)

would it be too much to ask if someone could record for me and send me the finished product? if you do, ill give yall credit in the description!

If you ever need me to do that, I will. But you must be patient, because I can’t work on it when I’m at my dad’s house. Only when I’m at my mom’s.