Using the Staff in Notessimo v4


  • Clicking the treble clef or the bass clef will allow you to change the song’s key - this will affect how notes sound when placed. Newcomers may prefer not to use this function, but using a certain key can help to speed up your workflow and avoid tedious editing.

  • Clicking the top 4 will let you change the value for the number of beats in a bar.

  • Clicking the bottom 4 will let you change the value for the length of a beat based on note length.

  • Clicking the value above the treble clef will let you change the tempo, or BPM, of the song.

All of the above functions will affect any and all sheets present in the song file - separate sheets cannot, for example, have a unique BPM or different keys.

**Product not final, all features are subject to change


These functions set the default values for key, meter, and bpm.