V4 Early Access - Now Available!

Notessimo V4 early access is finally here!

I hope this new version can provide some solid foundation for Notessimo moving forward as I really want to support it long-term. Not having any sort of monetization in place previously made it very difficult to properly support. Subscriptions (with an eventual “free” tier) seems to be the way to go since this is more than just an “offline” app, the online infrastructure is now a big part of the app and I think the instruments database especially will prove to be a really big hit.

If you haven’t noticed, you can browse every instruments / soundfonts listed in a song (and vice-versa, list any songs using a particular instrument). Add instruments to custom soundfont (kind of like a playlist of instruments) or “like” them for easy access in the composer. You can also create new instruments by simply importing any sound file and upload your own custom icon. A full editor for custom instrument is planned in the future but right now you can use external editor for compatible format.

Remember this is an alpha and nothing is set in stone, I am looking forward to your feedbacks. Tons of new features and tweaks are in the pipeline. Things like better mobile UI, custom envelopes, note fx (tremolo, vibrato, etc.) and layers effects (reverb, etc.) will come soon others like multiplayer server (think like google doc where you can see everyone’s cursor and see changes in real time) are planned but will come much later. Send your suggestions here and votes for the ones you would like to see the most. I’ll use the votes as a strong indicators of what I should put my focus on.

There is probably tons of bugs but hopefully nothings major, please report anything weird that happened (hopefully with steps on how to reproduce the issue) so i can fix them. Files are now autosaved (even when you close the app) so hopefully nobody should loose too much work if they encounter a crash. Check for the “*” in the corner of the album art to see if there is any unsaved changes, hit CTRL+S (or toggle fullscreen) to force a save immediately. Cloud sync backups (with history) is planned as well to makes sure nobody loose data ever again (and to allow sync between multiple devices).

Notessimo is now multi-platform! Not all platform-specific features have been implemented (iOS can play audio in the background but this not case on android yet). Makes sure to use the native app, the player / composer part is made with Unity and the native export run much much better than the web export. A big focus was on speed and to try to make everything feel “instant”.

A big change I made was to combine the notes and sheets editor together, making it easier to grasp the actual results. Sheets should snap better, still missing some animations tho. Zoom out to begin editing sheets and zoom in into a sheet to edit it’s notes.

Early access is available to patreon subscribers and to any members of the “maestro” group. If you’d like to support the development, please subscribe to my Patreon! This is greatly appreciated and keeps me motivated!

The composer is accessed by toggling the fullscreen button on the player (or by clicking on “New Song” on the “+” dropdown at the top). If you cannot access it please message me.

Check a list of shortcuts here.

Thanks for being a part of this community, it took way more time than I anticipated to get there, and I hope you guys have fun with this new version! Can’t wait to hear all those new songs!


Also makes sure to check out all the Soundfonts that Dre submitted!


Just noticed the android public testing wasn’t properly setup. Working on it!

Edit: Should be good now!

Check out my Genesis/Mega Drive Sonic Soundfonts as well.
Criticisms on how I can improve it are welcome