V4 Public Release Idea - Marketing

My idea for marketing public release V4 is to commission the YouTuber Shady Cicada to create a video writing a song and promoting V4

Shady Cicada is a composer from Canada who creates videos of him writing video game styled songs. He writes in a variety of styles and even has videos of him using basic music apps such as Mario Paint, BeepBox, etc. instead of his usual DAW, Cubase.

I’m sure he’d be glad to upload a video and song using V4 if you commission him. Unfortunately, it will be costly for a single developer to afford. I don’t know if you make enough from Patreon or government grants, but I will be willing to provide a small donation if needed.

Shady Cicada - YouTube
Shady Cicada Commission Sheet - Google Docs

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Thank you, I love this idea! This seems affordable!

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